NUBIOS-Nile University Bioinformatics Server

NUBIOS is the Nile University Bioinformatics Server. It is the first bioinformatics server in Egypt, planned to serve the bioinformatics, biological, and medical scientific community, not only in Egypt but also worldwide. NUBIOS hosts software tools, facilitates access to biological data, and eases dissemination of knowledge.

Currently we focus on hosting bioinformatics software tools and providing user access to run them on our infrastructure, either through web-interface, web service, or grid service. The tools we offer are novel ones developed by Nile University members. But we also provide web-interface to a few number of famous bioinformatics tools, like BLAST and ClustalW. In the near future, we will provide access to specialized databases in areas like plant genomics and cancer.

The menu bar on the left lets you browse the different services of NUBIOS.